Épilation du corps Épilation au laser électrique Système permanent de maintien à domicile IPL 500000 Shot Light Pulses Épilateur pour tout le corps

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Laser Epilator with Skin Color Sensor Inside Painless Permanent Hair Removal Kit Rechargeable Facial Body Depilator Electronic Device Safe Epilator for Women Men Home Use
Innovative design, precise hair removal in different parts, bid farewell to traditional hair removal methods, and achieve beauty salon-level results at home.
Epilators are specially developed hygienic hair removal options that still have the same strengths as professional beauty centers. That means you don't have to go to the salon to interact with technicians or share a bed with countless other clients.
Multi-effects Take care of your skin in an all-round way and take care of your skin safely. Compared with other permanent hair removal methods, the latest IPL hair removal technology can ensure your hair removal safety.
Use depilatory cream and beeswax to remove hair. These hair removal methods only temporarily smooth the skin and the hair will grow slowly over time.
Some beauty lovers even use razors for hair removal. This method is not recommended. Occasionally one or two won't have a noticeable effect. But over time, the hair will get thicker and thicker.
Compared with the way of hair removal in beauty salons, the position of hair removal in beauty salons is fixed, which is not convenient for multiple hair removal. The hair removal device can achieve the same hair removal effect as a beauty salon at home, saving a lot of cost and time.
Epilators help you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin by breaking the hair regeneration cycle. Very gentle, perfect for first application or treating any area.
999,999 flashes, multiple uses all over the body.
The LCD light clearly shows the energy level and remaining flash.
Skin automatic sensing design, the device will flash only when the laser head touches the skin.
3c㎡ light area, higher hair removal efficiency
The intense pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle for efficient hair removal.
It offers a painless process compared to some traditional hair removal methods.
The automatic high-speed continuous flashing light that fits the skin can be freely selected from different areas. Press and hold under the sliding flashing light to automatically and continuously emit light, which greatly improves the efficiency of hair removal.
Automatic mode is suitable for large treatment areas such as legs, back, arms; manual mode is used for sensitive or smaller areas such as bikini line, upper lip and armpits.
Built-in skin tone sensor The built-in skin tone sensor determines skin tone at the beginning of each use and from time to time during each use. It automatically stops flickering if the skin tone is too dark.
The IPL epilator is suitable for white to light brown skin and black to light brown body hair. However, this product should not be used on: tanned, tattooed and dark-spotted skin, white, grey or red body hair
When using it for the first time, it is recommended to start the test from the first gear and gradually strengthen the gear according to the experience.

Focus size: 470nm-1100nm
Number of rounds: 990,000
Voltage: AC100-240V
Output voltage: 12V DC2.5-3A
Energy frequency: 1.5-3.9J/cm2
Working temperature: 5-130℃
Working humidity: 30%-60%
Size: 12.4x8.3x4.85cm/4.88x3.27x1.91in
Product weight: 650 grams
Color box size: 22.5x14.4x8.5cm/8.86x5.67x3.35in

Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture. Thanks!
Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm measurement deviation.

1 X Epilator
1 X Glasses
1 X Hair Removal
1 X Adapter